Tuesday, October 16, 2012

You don't own me

You don't own me

If you ever meet me and ask me what my paintings mean i will silently pause. I will studder and babble. I have a hard time articulating art into speech.

Turning the impossible into images? Great! Articulating things into written words? Sure!

So if you ask i will most likely say: "It's up to interpretation. No answer is wrong." But never doubt that I have good intentions. Art about struggle and triumph. About self empowerment and bringing our dreams into reality.

If there is something you've been putting off until the "right time" let me tell you something. There is no perfect time and you can always find an excuse. Start now, work hard, and your dreams will happen sooner.

We're all just figuring it out and making it up as we go along. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. xo

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First Love

first love
Watching cartoons was a huge part of my childhood. Sitting in front of the television with my brother watching flashing colors in awe while devouring technicolor cereals. I was and am equally amazed by a great cartoon or a fine art painting. Whatever fine art really means these days.

I'm really esctatic and greatful to be a part of Moon Power, a Sailor Moon art zine! A lot of talented folks were asked to take part in it. So here's my submission!

Cheers to our current selves and childhood selves being excited and mega proud! xo