Saturday, December 8, 2012

Post its show at Giant Robot 2!


This year I got invited to Giant Robot's Post-its show! There's quite a few post-its of mine there. I'm so fucking thankful to be working with GR. They put on such amazing shows and i'll be showing along artists i admire. Coming full circle!

As some of you know i originally wanted to be a fashion designer (long story how i wound up here). Artists like Audrey Kawasaki and Stella Im Hultberg made me decide that if I went into art I could make it. Seven years later! BAM!

The show opening is tonight and will be open until the 16th! But don't wait too long because all the good ones will be taken first. There is a line queueing outside Giant Robot as I type!

For those of you wondering, yes I'm still on break. It's been a wonderful month of contemplation and I'll still be taking more time. But I'll be back around January with a vengeance! xo

Edit: Just found out that Gary Baseman is in the show! *o*