Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What the hell is wishcandy up to & more stories

Where the hell have i been all year? I’ve been pretty quiet, haven’t been taking in many commissions, or painting much at all. Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe not.
This January I came back from visiting my family during the holidays, and I became incredibly sick. Tired, dizzy, couldn’t get out of bed. Stayed in bed for a week worried, making my family (3,000+ miles away) worry, knowing i have no health insurance. I was lucky to find a health clinic able to see me.
I’ve been working with a doctor there for 9 months. Spoiler alert, i’m not pregnant! Ahah, anyway. I’ve been going on frequent visits, fatigued, depressed, and quite uninspired. She broke the news to me last week that it seems as though I have Hashimoto’s disease. I haven’t been responding to any meds, and this is going to be a very very very long battle. I’ll have it for life, but i’m hoping for it to become more manageable.
I’ve tried to keep quiet about it. Appear strong. I’ve always been one to hate to ask for help. But i realized being vulnerable and asking for help isn’t the antithesis of strong. Knowing i need help is strength.
So what’s the hell is this post all about? Get on with it, we wanna keep on scrolling, you say? I need help. My only income is through art. I’ll be putting some originals up and having a sale this weekend. I’d really appreciate if you’d help any way you can. Even spreading the word helps.
Thank you for sharing and enjoying the world i’ve built, and joining me on this ride. Hope to be inspired & bring you more paintings soon.