Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bust Magazine Interview


Emma Orlow, Bust Magazine blogger, contacted me for an interview and I was ecstatic to see very tailored questions. We talk about food, feminism, tattoos, and my childhood. And why the hell i chose my specific pseudonym.

It's been very fun! Go have a look.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Solestruck: First Time

The ladies of Solestruck are very witty.  I'm extremely glad to work with them and can't flippin' wait until our next project!

This time they released their first magazine ever, cleverly titled First Time. Take that any way you want it. Really. But they did send along some condoms with First Time themed packaging and some bitchin' temp tattoos! With my Burger Love art of course! ;)

It was the only choice.


There's an interview with Jeffree Star, so his majesty is looking fierce on the cover.


There's quite a lot of my art in there, plenty of pages to hold in your hands and admire. These just happen to be my favorite.


Celia of Ceedling (tumblr fame) has some photography in there as well as some polaroids of Toronto!

There are some cool Polaroids from people in different cities and really cool fashion photoshoots. I really recommend checking it out. It's only $10 to support it (and encourage future endeavors)!