Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Vision, 3.5x5 inches. Graphite on paper.

I've been a bad girl. I dove into reading Filth the past few days. It's a book about a misogynist pig of a cop. A friend let me borrow the book a while back, and I kept putting off reading it. I didn't even put it on my reading list. I read the first chapter when I got the book. It didn't intrigue me.

Many months later, I've entered a sort of "blue period" in my work. I've been more interested in what's dark. I've been researching the twenties and prohibition.

And now I've been diving back into writing. I made a promise over on twitter that I'd post a story up here next week. I want to post the story I'm working on now. It's my best yet. But no matter what, a story will be posted, whether this is complete or not.